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What is Anime?

Simply put, for those unfamiliar with the term or unsure of how to define it, anime is Japanese animation. 

Although it may seem like an oversimplified explanation, the host country has a direct or indirect influence on all the characteristics and specifics of the style and content of the very broad category of anime. Any genre can be included in an anime, and many of the best anime series cover multiple genres.

However, there are a few exceptions. Over time, animated films and TV shows have been produced outside of Japan in a purposeful manner reminiscent of anime. Although the question of whether these traits qualify as "real" anime is still controversial among otakus, they can all be recognized as anime or strongly influenced by anime. 

What is the Origin of Anime?

At its most basic level, anime is an outgrowth of Japan's centuries-old tradition of art and storytelling. More specifically, anime as we know it today - as opposed to all Japanese animation in general - dates back in the 1960s. For the most part, anime is inspired by manga, the Japanese tradition of anime-based visual novels.

The father of manga is an artist named Osamu Tezuka. One of Tezuka's creations is Astro Boy, an anime series he produced based on his manga. This is the first time that a true contemporary anime style appears.

While the changes Disney made to traditional anime characters were considered negative at the time, the extraordinary results would later become a symbol of the anime tradition, effectively inspiring all animations to continue the original works. What was originally intended as temporary measures was instead seen as an example of an entirely new style.

Why Should You Watch Anime?

With the abundance of familiar media in your daily life, you might question why you should watch anime. The point is that because the anime is different from what you're used to, you should watch it.

By offering lots of novelty and surprises, anime can broaden your mind and save you from seeing the same tedious genre over and over again. Let's take a look at some of the main reasons to watch anime.

When Do Anime Become Popular? 

The 1990s saw a dramatic increase in anime acceptance globally. This first wave of adaptations was typified by Sailor Moon. Its far-reaching popularity has triggered the release of a dubbed version made in the United States. This version has made significant adjustments to suit the American audience. Notably, much of the vulgar or provocative content was edited to be more family-friendly.

Another very prominent anime adaptation is Dragon Ball Z, which is a member of the Dragon Ball franchise and is targeted at teenage boys. Despite this, it has become a household name in the West for people of all ages. Following Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT was rolled out, which also had an official English dub adaptation for Western markets.

Spirited Away was published in 2001 and became a worldwide phenomenon. The film is enjoyed by audiences of all ages, which is probably why it was so successful outside of Japan. 

Not only did it succeed as the best-grossing Japanese film at the time, but it also received the recognition that cemented anime's place on the global map by winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2013.

What Is Otaku Culture?

Otaku, although there are several definitions, is more commonly used in the West to refer to those who are entirely focused on anime and to a greater extent, Japanese entertainment and culture. Some would consider this a drawback, yet this type can be deemed as a subculture.

Otaku culture manifests itself the most in anime gatherings, which serve as the culture’s focal point. These festivals are where you can share the knowledge you already have about this subculture or to extend it by learning from individuals who have been involved in it for a very long time.

Without attending anime festivals, you can immerse yourself in otaku culture by watching anime and absorbing all of its quirks and charms. Whether you're just starting, half-adventurous, or a seasoned otaku comparable to anyone who knows all kinds of anime, you'll find enough information for this at all the masterpieces at our website -

What Are Some Major Anime Studios?

There are hundreds of anime production businesses in Japan, but only a few major studios produce the most well-known animated films.

Thanks to the success of Spirited Away, Studio Ghibli is one of the most popular animation studios in the world. Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, and other titles along with Spirited Away made the list of the top ten highest-grossing anime films. Especially, their character Totoro is almost legendary in Japan. Studio Ghibli has also enjoyed great commercial success indeed. 

Another popular anime studio is Toei Animation. Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, two anime series made by Toei, have partly pushed anime to the next level, living up to an art form on a worldwide scale. Before anime was universally accepted, Toei Animation also co-produced the animated adaptation of The Transformers in the 1980s.

Ufotable is a very new animation company that has only been in business since 2000. If you are unfamiliar with this name, you must have once heard of Kimetsu no Yaiba, a.k.a Demon Slayer. 

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, the highest-grossing Japanese film to date with over half a billion dollars in sales, was made by Ufotable. In a short time, they have achieved considerable success. How amazing! 

Different Storytelling Form 

Have you seen a movie where you can predict the character's next action, the next word, the next scene, or even the conclusion? Each culture has its style of storytelling. More specifically, nearly all media businesses will create a set of forms and structures that they will repeat for much of their work. As a result, you may feel as if your favorite movies and TV series can become dull and predictable.

Japan is where the art of anime storytelling first began. So, many storytelling styles are independent of Hollywood or other media sources and, more importantly, distinct from them. You'll find the storytelling more unpredictable, mysterious, and engaging in the anime world. In addition, it will introduce you to a whole new set of clichés that you are unfamiliar with, making your entertainment enjoyable.

Different Aesthetics

There is no single anime art style. Genres can be animated and produced in a variety of ways, but all share a certain aesthetics that defines them as belonging to this particular subculture.

The reliance on various levels of large heads and large eyes is one of the most distinguishing features of all anime-style characters. It is interesting to know that the creators of the original anime drew inspiration from the early 20th-century American cartoon characters because the big eyes were only suitable for the cartoon characters of the time and then made the anime popular in the United States.

A restriction on the quantity and intricacy of the animation's movements is another very noticeable visual aspect that is extremely common. For instance, anime characters will only be allowed a few static mouth positions to show their lip motions while they are speaking. Having stated that, the difficulty of how each anime studio handles animating movements would vary. 

Aside from these kinds of distinguishable individual characteristics, anime's animation technique has a one-of-a-kind overall "style" that can never mix up with others. Watching anime brings you a fresh experience, which is a contributor to its popularity.

Different Genres and Subgenres Set

We already know that anime covers all genres and subgenres, but some of these are essentially original or even invented by the creators of anime and manga.

The Mecha genre is a case in point. The use of giant humanoid robots dominates in the Mecha genre, sometimes seen as a subgenre of the sci-fi genre. The Gundam franchise is also considered the biggest example of this and has been around for quite some time in history.

Fantasy with a solid foundation or entirely based on Japanese mythology and folklore is another genre that you will find a lot in anime. You've seen fantasy movies and TV shows, but you might get tired of the same repetitive themes. You can explore a whole new world of fantasy elements through anime.

Even genres that are similar to those popular in the West will breathe new life into your movie time when it comes to anime style. For instance, Japanese horror will have distinct themes and different horror sources, and this hits the same for anime, making it an entirely new type. 

An Intimate Look Of Japanese Culture

It can be challenging to understand Japanese culture when living outside of Japan. Although you can read or see movies about it, you might not be receiving the most accurate picture if all of these sources are from outside of Japan. 

Anime originated in Japan was created by Japanese writers and is often set in Japan. So, you will get a closer look at Japanese culture through this. This is an amazing chance to experience and understand all aspects of Japanese culture without having to leave your home or travel to the land of the rising sun.

Japanese Learning 

Anime is the solution to your search for a useful approach to learning Japanese, regardless of whether you are already an anime fan who wants to do so. The conventional methods of learning a language are still an option for studying Japanese, but they can soon feel like a chore, which might make you lose interest. 

You may be unknowingly learning Japanese words and grammar structures if you watch anime with English subtitles but with original Japanese audio. Start with single and familiar words and phrases, then work your way up to frequent clauses and expressions in long sentences until you master large sentences.

As you might expect, Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana are commonly used in anime. Triggering your quest to learn the Japanese writing system by watching anime is a great way to start and shouldn't be left out too soon.

One of the best things about watching anime to learn Japanese is that you won't feel like you're working hard while reaping the rewards. Subtitles will always be available on although you may eventually no longer need them. 

Suitable for All Ages

"Cartoons just for kids" has long been a norm, but anime paints a completely different picture as an art form not just for kids. Many of the most popular anime have been created with adult audiences in mind.

Children's anime are usually grouped under one of three titles, each of which identifies the target audience.

Children under the age of 10 are often the target audience of Kodomo anime. This type of anime will often have instructional components, especially those related to life rather than academia to be suitable for young children.

Anime geared towards teenagers and young adults are classified as shojo - female-oriented or shonen - male-oriented. Unsurprisingly, shonen tends to be more action-packed, while shojo is usually filled with more romantic themes.

The reality is that the anime industry produces even more content for the adult market than it does for children. You can never be too old for anime because historically it contains a lot of adult themes and other elements that are relevant and suitable for the adult market. 

Similar Interest Friends 

You don't have to watch and appreciate anime by yourself. Perhaps you've been trying to find a social group that shares your interests but haven't been successful in doing so. With anime, you won't experience that issue.

There are many anime otakus around the world, even though most countries outside of Japan do not consider anime to be particularly fundamental to their culture. You can join a group where you can fully immerse yourself in anime culture and meet your fellas to discuss the most recent anime you watched. If you want to stay at home, there are many forums and social groups online where you can chat all day about anime. 

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